Sophie’s research interests include carceral geography, the sociology of emotions, prison-to-community reintegration, necro- and biopolitics, safe and affordable housing, and gentrification.

Lachapelle, S., Bogosavljevic, K., & Kilty, J. M. (2022). In the name of health: Affect theory and the role of public health risks in the creation of carceral spaces. Health, Risk & Society 24(7-8), 336-353.

Lachapelle, S., & May, A. (2021). A matter of life and death: Exploring the necropolitical limbo of Kingston’s housing crisis in the era of the COVID-19 pandemicAnnual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research 10(1), 321-347. (Open Access).

Lachapelle, S. (2020). Prison and its afterlives: Haunting and the emotional geographies offormerly incarcerated people’s reintegration experiences in Kingston, Ontario, CanadaQSpace Queen’s Graduate Theses and Dissertations. (Open Access).

Lachapelle, S., & Kilty, J. M. (Under review). “You were relieved, but at the same time terrified”: Exploring the emotional geographies of Admissions and Discharge in Canadian federal prisons. Criminologie 56(2).

Lachapelle, S., & Kilty, J. M. (In preparation). “Use your common sense to navigate and you’re gonna get along okay”: Exploring the sensorial politics of attunement, survival, and resistance in Canadian federal prisons.

Lachapelle, S. (In preparation). Feeling risky? The subjugation of emotional knowledge and the affective violence of ‘risk’ in the lives of formerly incarcerated people in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

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